Inspirational interiors don’t need to cost the Earth.

Whether you need help with an hours consultation at the starting point of your DIY interiors project or want to have a professional to guide you through a full renovation, Gringley Bespoke can help you- Based at the top of Nottinghamshire between Bawtry and Gainsborough and having completed projects in the surrounding area and as far as Thorne, Howden and Ackworth in West Yorkshire as well as virtual consultations further afield.

The core belief at GB Studio is that an interior should be representative of the people that live and work in that space and that it should improve their daily life by being both practical and inspirational. Interiors should also be built to last. Money, spent wisely, can ensure that a timeless interior will stand the test of time and add value for many years to come.

There are ethical and environmentally conscious choices available in all elements of design and if you wish to renovate with these values as a part of your process Gringley Bespoke would be a great fit for your project. In fact these decisions can in some cases ensure that your budget goes further and the aesthetic result of the project is improved.

If you need more from your interior and want to explore the possibilities that it could give you call Bryony for a no obligation chat.

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