Consultations can be arranged for an evening or
weekend to ensure that it is at a convenient time for you.

Colour consultation

The Area’s most in depth colour palette creation!

It will save you no end of time- never again will you need to stand in front of a seemingly endless array of paint chips in the hardware store bewildered by choice! Bryony will work with you personally to create a bespoke palette just for you, and present the palette in person to discuss how to use it in your home. You will also receive-

  • Four room recipes detailing which colours to use where.
  • A schedule for your decorator- to make communication as simple as possible
  • A colour swatch palette -ensuring any future home purchases will be sure to match your colour scheme- no more having to return items that don’t work in your space as the colour isn’t right when you get it home!

All for a set price of £275

Getting your colour palette right and having one in place to use throughout your space is a fundamental corner stone in creating a harmonious and well put together interior.

Concept Consultation

Wanting to design a room but need a professional opinion to ensure that you think through all of the options and have a fresh perspective on the space and how to utilise it to it’s best potential. This package includes 1 to 2 hours on site discussing your project with Bryony to give you inspiration and advice involving –

  • Ideas on how to use colour
  • The concept for the design
  • The best layout of furniture to make the most of the space in a practical and aesthetic way
  • How to light the space for both practicality and aesthetics
  • How to use your budget wisely- including some pointers on where to shop to get the look you want to achieve.
  • How to implement design techniques to make your home or work place the most stress relieving environment possible
  • A write up of the meeting detailing the discussion and the listing the action points

for £160

Complete Consultation

An in depth design of your room (need more rooms doing- it’s no problem at all- discuss this on your free initial call) Bryony would meet with you on site for up to half a day. You will benefit from everything in the concept package -discussion on concept, lighting, layout and budget, along with written up notes on the meeting but also included will be a tailor made colour palette in the paint brand of your choice and a to scale floor plan of the room you are working on.This will be an invaluable communication tool throughout the project.

For £325

A Bespoke consultation package can be created for you specifically tailored to your needs – Call Bryony to talk through your project to receive a quote.

You can also choose to have a no obligation quote to keep working with Bryony on the project, including :

  • A Mood board of the concept for the room
  • A detailed buying list for the room
  • Bryony to source items from your list to benefit from trade only stores.
  • A quote to upcycle any existing furniture to fit in with the new colour scheme.
  • Half a day shopping- you can, if you wish, accompany Bryony
  • Bryony to source and purchase everything, on your behalf, including everything on your itemised purchase list. At least 2 options for each item with 1 revision if necessary
  • Bryony to project manage and liaise with tradesmen on site where needed, and via the phone
  • A ‘turn-key’ reveal day at the end of the project where the space will be furnished and styled with the purchased items alongside cherished kept items.

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