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5 quick and simple ways to create a happier, healthier home!

5 quick and simple ways to create a happier, healthier home!

I just love the start of the new year- a clean slate, a fresh start- just like that first page of a new notebook freshness! I’m always striving to improve and build upon what is already in place, to make things even better- easier, more aesthetically pleasing, superior in just every way!
I was always one of those people that had around 27 new Years resolutions, (most of which were completely forgotten by the end of the first week in!) but the easiest ones to stick with were the ones that gave me results fast, were easy to implement and gave a tangible benefit! Nowhere will you get more benefit this year than changes to your home- yes those 4 walls that you have been staring at pretty much permanently for the past 9 months! But I understand January isn’t always the time to tackle expensive house improvement projects so i’m keeping them budget friendly if not entirely free!

So here they are if you’re short for time (dying to get back to your latest Netflix binge). If you want more detail please read on for more info on each bullet point and feel free to leave a comment if you’d like me to answer any questions! Let’s start 2021 with a healthier home we feel happier to be spending so much time in!

Your 5 ways to a happier, healthier home:

  • Make it personal
  • Add a dash of your happy colour
  • Introduce some house plants
  • Let more light in
  • So fresh and so clean

So, (If I haven’t lost you to Bridgerton) let’s begin!

Making it personal:

“Just the sight of meaningful possessions gave me a sense of being surrounded by… well, if not by friends, by benevolent presences.”

Gretchen Rubin, Author of Happier at home

Remember the good old days?
The parties, family get togethers and holidays… vaguely?! Well it’s not just nice to think back to these happy moments, looking at photographs of happy times is a tool to promote happiness in the present too. If nothing else your home should be an expression of who you are and what makes you smile.
Perhaps now is the time to spend an evening looking through old photos and sending off to get special ones printed and sent through the post (who doesn’t love getting happy post in January!) Shop your home and collate objects with a special meaning together so you have a new collection to make you smile. Yes I have chosen to display my favourite gin glass and a couple of measures amongst my prized possessions- No dry January here! Banish the clutter and showcase those things that truly make you smile.

Add a dash of your happy colour

There’s so many ways to add colour to your home- it can be as simple as buying a bunch of flowers in your favourite colour but it’s a good excuse to flex your creative muscles: grab a tester pot of paint in a colour that just makes your heart sing and get painting- this could be as simple as priming and painting some empty glass bottles you have laying around post Christmas, painting a dull lampshade or if you’re feeling braver perhaps colour block a plain wall to add impact to you favourite artwork display! The possibilities are endless but the beauty of paint is it can always be painted over again!

House plants

I didn’t own a single house plant up until 5 years ago (now I have them in every room!)
I had convinced myself that they were going to add more stress to my life- just another thing to keep alive on top of a husband, a pair of kids, a dog and 3 rabbits! But I was looking at it the wrong way- Once I read about all the benefits house plants give to your home: their ability to purify the air we breath, the research on biophilic design that backs up that just looking at plants calms us, not to mention how aesthetically pleasing they are (this was before I was an insta member but now plants certainly feature in ALOT of the interiors pics I feel drawn to!)
There’s a plant for everyone: for every level of care, every look and every budget. The RHS website would be a great place to find some advice on specific plants to choose- I’ll be doing a blog about it in the future- sign up to the newsletter if you’d like to get the blogs delivered directly to your email inbox.

Let some light in

Light airy spaces give us an instant boost- Spending time in a light filled space help us to feel more awake and energised. The positive effects of daylight are monumental when it comes to our mental well being and mood- something that can be felt acutely in these winter months. But if you live in a cottage that isn’t blessed with enormous windows like we do, or in a house that is north facing and therefore not blessed with daylight streaming in it can feel difficult to maximise on what is minimal but maximise you can- firstly give your windows a good clean inside and out, now evaluate your window treatments- if privacy isn’t an issue do you need to have anything at all at your window- no treatment will let in maximum light, a sheer blind can give privacy whilst still letting a lot of light in or if you need curtains can you extend the poles to the side so that when the curtains are open they clear the full window ensuring that as much light as possible can enter your home? Another top tip to magnify your daylight is to position mirrors opposite them to bounce light back into the room.

And Finally and in all ways the most simple to implement…

So fresh and so clean:

At some point every day open a window or two to let fresh air circulate through your home- if you live in the city this may seem like it’s a toss up between what is most toxic- but studies have shown that the air inside our homes is very often worse than the pollution outdoors. Paint, furniture, cleaning products and air fresheners all give off toxic fumes that we can’t see or smell and letting these out of our home will create a healthier environment for us to live and work in. So it’s literally as easy as opening the window for 5 minutes!

Hope you found this helpful- any questions please feel free to leave a comment. Happy New Year to you all- onwards and upwards guys!

Bryony x

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  1. Katy says:

    Bry, I love this article!! Iโ€™m going to start opening my windows daily! Xxx

    1. Thanks Katy! It really does give you a boost- I reckon you’ll soon be in the habit of it! x

  2. Victoria says:

    Great, practical, realistic tips. Thankfully I already open my windows everyday to air the house but painting my favourite colour on a wall is something I want to feel brave enough to do too. Here comes 2021 for new challenges!

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