Biophilic design, most people have never heard of it, I hadn’t until a few years ago, but I was already well aware of it’s benefits and was unconsciously using them in our own home. Basically, Biophilic design creates a space which emphasises and encourages the link between humans and the natural world in order to improve our living standards, lower our stress levels and create healthier places for people to spend time in.  Biophilic design isn’t just the addition of a few house plants, (although the likelihood is there will be a house plant or two added!) It’s the inclusion of more natural materials, an emphasis of natural light in your interiors and the correct use of artificial light, it’s the addition of nature inspired colours, patterns, and decorative objects in a space- creating a link to the natural world for all of the senses.

One of my happy places is losing a few hours in the garden or my greenhouse getting the benefit of some fresh air, day light and contact with nature.

It’s been an acknowledged truth around the world that spending time in nature brings with it enormous health benefits! Who didn’t grow up with the encouragement of getting outside for some fresh air- In Japan they forest bathe, here we blow the cobwebs away! These days, with new building techniques that dramatically lower the drafts coming into our homes the ideal of fresh air is more pressing than ever as the toxins that build up in our home can’t escape- given off by everything from synthetic paints, sofa fillings and carpet treatments- many of which are completely odourless so we don’t even know they exist. NASA faced the same issue with space travel and their study to combat the problem was surprisingly low tech- plants! They work their magic of purifying the air they process. Even the busiest of households can look after a plant or two in their home if the rewards are so beneficial- Bryony would be happy to advise on plants to suit your lifestyle and aesthetic needs in order to make your home a healthier place! And if you’re worried that you won’t be able to look after your new household additions you should be reassured by the free, simple bespoke care guide each client gets and the opportunity to drop the plants off at the Gringley Bespoke Studio for some TLC if they look like they need a holiday!

Window dressing can have a massive impact on the way that you connect with outside and the amount of light that you get flooding into your home. Taking your specific windows into account- if privacy is a concern for example, Bryony can ensure that you make the most of one of your best links to the outdoors and enable you to make the most of that. Window treatments can be a big investment and will be in place for a long time – Bryony can ensure that the decision you make on elements such as this will give you the biggest benefit for years to come.

The inclusion of natural materials: the visual warmth of real wood the addition of soft, comforting woollen blankets and the beauty of natural stone in your interiors all bring not just a visual connection with nature but also a tactile quality that is grounding and calming.

If you’re interested to hear more about biophilic design and how you could benefit from it in your home or workplace Bryony would be happy to talk to you about including it in your scheme- let’s make you’re space healthier and calmer!

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