-Planted seeds of inspiration.
– Nurtured and helped us develop some of our own ideas and promoted a more holistic approach in our planning.
–  Introduced us to ways of becoming more structured in our approach and in doing so gave us underpinnings for our vision.”
Luke-Colour consultation and re-design Client

“The greatest benefit was having someone who could work out what we wanted! I am terrible with ideas for rooms and colours in general, but Bryony helped to explain what would work best whilst keeping the project as a shared vision.
Pete- Residential Client

“Bryony was able to build a plan that worked with a dirty, damp old building, blend it with our business and logo colour palette and deliver a beautiful outcome!
Jason- Corporate Client

“Bryony listened and helped us to recognise our aspirations whilst offering useful tips and a professional insight. Bryony provided us with a framework in which to work and we now feel we have a more focused, more structured and certainly more cost-effective way forward. “
Katie and Luke- residential clients

“Bryony was incredibly receptive to what we wanted for the furniture we needed upcycling. She consulted with me regularly about her ideas and vision. She was able to guide me on what she thought would best suit my daughter’s room and what styles/colours etc would make it a timeless piece. We absolutely love both pieces, they are beautiful and the finish is excellent-She also made sure they are future proof and would also suit a teenagers bedroom.
We definitely felt we were getting value for money.
Rachael- Furniture upcycling and colour consultancy.