Environmentally conscious design-
Inspirational interiors don’t have to cost the Earth.

Some of the fundamental principles that Gringley Bespoke is built upon enable the design process we put into practice to have a lower environmental impact. These include working with what you already have where possible, using professional upcycling to transform your existing furniture so it will fit into the new scheme and encouraging clients to buy well so that the new items that are purchased will last for many many years to come.
Firstly, I will encourage you to assess what is currently working in your space in terms of the furniture, soft furnishings and fixtures- these will, where ever possible, be included in your finished design in order to avoid buying new where it is not needed. Some of the elements may benefit from a re-invention: Gringley Bespoke offers this service but I also recommend other upcycling companies to my clients if I think that they would be a better fit for the design.

Many of our clients have benefitted from the upcycling services that Gringley Bespoke offers: helping them to stretch their budget further than if they had to buy new, as well as ensuring that existing furniture, that is still practical and functional, can avoid landfill.

Gringley Bespoke Interiors are designed to last- saving you time and money and ensuring that your space will look inspirational for years to come. A mix of old and new furniture is often implemented into a design in order to give a curated look rather that an end result that looks like its been shopped in one go- leading to a staid and uninteresting interior. The addition of items that have history and patina add not just texture and life but they also bring a richness and uniqueness to a space.

But it isn’t just an upcycling service that sets Gringley Bespoke apart from other interior design firms in the area- an environmental awareness is involved in every decision we make. This for example enables our clients to have the choice of sourcing FSC and PEFC certified wood to ensure it hasn’t been cut from unmanaged forests, or buying a sofa that has been British made rather than transported from China. There are so many different ways to make more environmentally sound decisions when it comes to our interiors and Gringley Bespoke can take the time out of sourcing these if you should wish. It’s the small things such as taking the packaging away at the end of a install day to ensure it’s recycled or bigger steps like sourcing second-hand, vintage or antique items for clients- the end result is not only spaces that are more ethically sound but that are also more interesting.